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I.O.T workshop is a workshop which focus on the field of Internet of Things communications , From the system chip、IOT module、network device、application software、 enterprise cloud service to the APP terminal application of all independent technology platform, I.O.T workshop is the most cost-effective provider of one stop total solution. I.O.T workshop determined to become “dream factory” to help enterprises and IOT products transform. We think 21st century technological revolution belongs to the Internet of things, It brings business opportunities far more than any previous technological revolution, It will change the way of people explore、interact、 and experience the physical world, And will create trillions of value to enterprises and consumers ! I.O.T workshop technical experts team is always ready to serve you!

IOT Module

Cost effective embedded wireless networking module, Millions of shipments per year with mature and reliable solution, flexible hardware and software customization service, open platform to support a variety of cloud service. Widely used in smart home appliances、 industrial control、health care、 intelligent home and other fields.

Network Device

Set the stability, high reliability, easy to operate as one of the intelligent networking communication device, expert-level total solution, Zero threshold to help enterprises achieve all things interconnected. Widely used in industrial 4.0 intelligent transformation、intelligent monitoring and security、intelligent device networking fields.

Cloud Service

Only need Low operating costs can unlimited expand safe reliable cloud server and data center. The devices、applications、data and users can link together through cloud platform, To create solution and achieve the object interaction with physical world. The platform also serves all the IOT dreamer, It’s a "People First" platform!

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